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Winningest Coaches in NFL History

Behind every good team, there is a better coach and with the NFL Playoffs upon us and Super Bowl XLVI just weeks away, we’d like to honor football’s coaching greats. That said, below is a list of the winningest coaches in NFL history – a elite group of men that have separated themselves from the rest in becoming legend.

1.  Don Shula – 347 Wins

When it comes to the most winningest coaches of all time, Don Shula stands as a clear champion. In his 33 seasons as a head coach in the NFL, Shula boasts a career record of 347–173–6 overall (328 wins in the regular season), including two Super Bowls. To put this into perspective, modern day coaching Big Shot Bill Belichick only has 191 wins to his name, barely half the numbers posted by the great Don Shula.

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2.  George Halas – 324 Wins

Aptly nicknamed “Papa Bear” for his 40-season tenure with the Chicago Bears, George Halas ranks as only the second coach in history to have ever breached the 300-win mark. With a career record of 324–152–31 overall (318 in regular season), Halas has six NFL Championships to his name, which, amazingly enough, is a tie with a later coaching great.

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3.  Tom Landry – 270 Wins

Having coached exclusively for the Dallas Cowboys in his 29-year career, Tom Landry posted a stellar career record of 270–178–6 (250 in the regular season), winning two Super Bowls and 13 Division titles en route. In addition to his historical amount of wins, Landry also contributed to the future of the NFL by inventing the 4-3 defense; a defense that is now widely used amongst NFL teams and schemes.

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4.  Curly Lambeau – 229 Wins

As the founder of the Green Bay Packers, one of the greatest franchises in all of the NFL, Curly Lambeau is legend. Although he coached for three different teams in his 33 years, Lambeau is most famously noted as the first coach of the Packers and the namesake of Lambeau Field, home of the Lambeau Leap. In all, Curly boasts a career record of 229–134–22 and is tied for the record for the most NFL Championships, with six.

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5.  Paul Brown – 222 Wins

Aside from his winning record of 222–112–9 (213 wins in regular season), Paul Brown is also one of the most historical figures in the entire NFL. In addition to winning three Super Bowls and four AFC Championships in his 25 seasons as head coach, Brown is also considered the "father of the modern offense" and the founder of both the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals’ franchises!

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6.  Chuck Noll – 209 Wins

Making the list as the first Chuck of two, Chuck Noll coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for all 23 seasons of his career, where he amassed a winning record of 209-156-1. With four Super Bowl wins, 4 AFC Championships and more than 200 career wins under his belt, Noll was rightfully elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993.

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7.  Marty Schottenheimer – 205 Wins

Although Marty Schottenheimer is still an active coach in the United Football League, his NFL career ended in 2007 after a highly disappointing season with the Chargers. To put salt in the wounds, with an impressive career record of 205–139–1, Schottenheimer officially holds the record for having the most wins of any NFL coach to have never coached a team in a Super Bowl.

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8.  Chuck Knox – 193 Wins

As the head coach for the Seattle Seahawks, the Buffalo Bills and the then Los Angeles Rams, Chuck Knox had a career record of 193–158–1 (.559) in 22 seasons but never managed to win a Super Bowl. Despite this shortcoming Knox was named Coach of the Year in 1973, 1980 and 1984.

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9.  Bill Belichick – 191 Wins

Famous for his cut-off hooded sweatshirt hobo look, Bill Belichick is the current head coach for the New England Patriots and the only currently active coach on this list … and therefore, still adding to his numbers. That said, with a total winning record of 191–103 (175 wins in regular season), including three Super Bowl titles and four AFC Championships, he’s well on his way to rising through the ranks of these great coaches and inevitably landing amongst the top few by the end of his career.

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10.  Dan Reeves – 190 Wins

Having headed three different teams in his 23 seasons as head coach, Dan Reeves had a total career record of 190–165–2, including three AFC Championships. While this lands him in the top 10 of most winningest coaches of all time, that doesn’t change the fact that he was 0–4 in Super Bowl appearances and therefore, never quite grabbed The Big One.

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